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What is SEO?

We all have must listen to this word SEO. We have heard this a number of times. And also have a keen interest to know more about Search Engine Optimization. So this article will let you know about What Is SEO and also the tips for SEO.

SEO stands for the Search Engine Optimization.

Search engine optimization is a method for getting traffic on a site. We really want to follow the White Hat SEO on the grounds that it is the best way to the ranking. By doing with the other strategy we could boycott, we really want to zero in just on the White Hat SEO. So what is the Google algorithm – So precisely nobody knows the Google algorithm as Google switches its search algorithm up 500 to 600 times each year however it doesn’t pick by the client. So SEO is fundamental of two sorts ON Page SEO and OFF Page SEO.


On-Page SEO

So ON Page SEO is that sort of Search engine optimization where we do changes to a website or we do changes to website pages as indicated by the prerequisite to rank a website on the search engine result page. Essentially, we utilize the keywords in our title, description, and URL. Google has their bot which is utilized to really look at our website and in the event that it is correct, it will rank. Things that we need to keep to us are.

  • Use short, descriptive page URLs
  • Optimize title tags
  • Write compelling meta descriptions
  • Implement structured data
  • Optimize headers
  • Implement SEO copywriting best practices
  • Use the target keyword within the first 100 words
  • Maintain an appropriate keyword density
  • Create content that satisfies user intent
  • Write readable text
  • Add both internal and outbound links
  • Optimize for Google images
search engine optimization



Off-site optimization centers around methods used to expand Google’s view of your site through the eyes of the searching public. It’s similar to a prominence challenge, by which your website is rivaling others for votes, yet in Search Engine Optimization the votes are backlinks (joins from one more website to yours). Notwithstanding, it’s not necessary to focus on getting the most votes fundamentally, yet the best ones (think anchor text), ones that seem OK. Before you start it assists with adopting the thought process of a search engine and furnishes every potential backlink with a nonexistent score between 1-10. For instance, in the event that you’re a bistro proprietor and you get a backlink from an escort office you’re taking a gander at a score of 1, as there’s no importance. Be that as it may, get a backlink from an espresso provider and you’re a 10. Consider each backlink as a support, the greater quality ones you have the more regard you’re probably going to get from Google!

There could be no longer as much accentuation put on backlinks as there used to be, as it’s as of now not a solid method of ensuring important, peruser-driven content. So; on the off chance that you have an extraordinary product pair with an expertly organized website, and give unique, drawing-in article, and worth to your guests… Google is your companion!

  • Business listing
  • Local listing
  • Social bookmarking
  • Article submission
  • Content marketing
  • Press release submission
  • Guest blogging
  • Blog commenting
  • Info-graphic submission
  • Profile Submission
  • Classifieds
  • Forum submission
  • Blog directory submission
  • Question & answer websites
  • Video submission
  • Image submission
  • Social media engagement
  • Influencer outreach.